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Q: Does it Float?

A: Okay, so no one's actually asked this question, but it's just such a great one I couldn't not include it. Here's why.

Just the other day my dad bought a new toy: one of those GPS navigational boxes for his car. The screen displays a map of where he's located at any given time, and when he wants to go somewhere, he just punches in the address, and as he's driving, a female voice spouts directions.
"In .3 miles, turn right."
"In .2 miles, turn right."
"Turn right."
"Turn right! Not left! Right!"
<Sigh.> "Fine. Recalculating..."

For another $200 he could have bought one that also accepts voice prompts back, but do I really want to see an 89-year-old talking to a box mounted on his dashboard? I don't think so.

Anyway, I got the thing programmed for him, and checked out the manufacturer's website, where I came upon their FAQ page. And there it was: "Will my GPS unit float?"

Now the idea of anyone even thinking of tossing their satellite driven, computerized GPS unit in water struck me as hilarious. But as it turns out some of the marine GPS units are, in fact, waterproof, and do float. (My dad's is not one of them.)

But still, it was such a great question I just had to include it in my FAQ page. The fact that I'm selling Watkins products and not GPS units doesn't matter. The basic question is still valid; does it float?

The answer is, yes, a few Watkins products will (likely) float, such as the Odor Trap. I haven't actually tried it, because the container is cardboard and I'd likely ruin it in the attempt. However, most Watkins products will not float. They'll sink right to the bottom. But the products in glass and plastic containers won't be ruined by the experience.

So there you have it.

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