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27 May

Lynne Graduates Kindergarten

Lynne Graduates Kindergarten
Tommy Janky, Kim Supick, Lynne Aurand, Rich Pearce

27 May

Aurand Family, circa 1974

Aurand Siblings
Bruce Jr., Dean, Leanne
Paul, Gary

18 May

Bro vs. Bro: Smackdown!

Smackdown? Click to view video.

19 Jan

Mickley Laundromat


The folk’s washer decided to quit working Friday. Saturday we went to Sears and Dad bought a new one. It’s apparent that soon only front-loading washers will be available; there wasn’t much selection in top-loading machines. Anyway, the one he bought wasn’t in stock and so won’t be delivered till the 31st. Luckily the Mickley Laundromat is only a short walk down the street, though it now takes twice as long to wash clothes, since our washer is small, and since I have to remember to actually go over there and switch loads.

So today I walk over there and to my surprise discover poor Posey stuck between the door and the screen door. She’d been stuck there 18 hours! I then remembered when I’d shut the door the night before, I’d encountered a bit of resistance, but attributed it to my sweater having gotten caught in it. I’ll be sure doublecheck from now on! 

16 Jan

Our Revolving Door of Cats


We got Yoda from our neighbors in July of 2001.


He was a smart cat, who learned from observation that doorknobs open doors. He couldn’t figure out how to turn them with his paws, but he sure tried.


Monte had had dogs as a kid, but after having Yoda, he decided he prefers cats.

Yoda got sick and died in August 2006.


We replaced him with 2 kittens from my parents, who always have an overabundance of cats. The black one is Ziph, and the tawny one Zephi.


Ziph loved watching the swirling water, and Zephi had to see what his brother found so facinating.


They were the best of friends.

But Zephi got sick and died in February 2007.


So we replaced him with the tortoiseshell kitten, ZaeZae.


She and Ziph played together well.

But then Ziph died a month later.


We replaced him with ZaeZae’s twin sister, Zoe.


It was cool to have a matched pair of tortoiseshell cats. ZaeZae is on the left, Zoe on the right.


Sisterly love.

But Zoe developed an infection and died in June 2007.

After having had four cats die within eight months, we decided not to adopt a replacement. ZaeZae would just have to be an only cat.


Then one evening a couple weeks later, Zettie showed up. She came in our house, looked around, and decided it was suitable. So she adopted us.


She hates ZaeZae (and all other cats) but loves to sleep with me on my pillow.


Thus far we still have ZaeZae and Zettie.

15 Jan

Great Room Project: Finishing Touches


March 2007

Remember the reason I agreed to let Monte demo the Great Room? So I could replace the old ceiling fan–located in the center of the room–with a ceiling fan over the living area, and a chandelier over the dining area.

Well, the electrician was finally able to come finish his work, which included installation of the lighting. We’d bought this ceiling fan over a year prior!

  I had searched high and low for a suitable chandelier with no luck. Then Carrol found one at Plow & Hearth that was exactly what I wanted.

Dean had extolled the virtues of cove heating, which they have in their cabin, so we took his advice and had it installed, too. One heater is over the window, here, and the other is on the opposite wall.



Dingy walls and ugly carpet.



Goodbye, old ceiling fan!



I love my red wall!



Monte & Lynne at their house.  

We still need to refinish the floor and put up the wood trim in the Great Room, get the outlet and closet light hooked up in the Master Bedroom, put more clothing rods and shelves in the Master Closet, and redo the cabinets and floor in the Kitchen. Then we’ll finally be done with all the Projects we started!

Perhaps we’ll then start on the Parlor Project, the Green Room Project, the Pink Room Project, and the Bathroom Project…

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