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18 Aug

Adair/Barr/Aurand Photos

Unless otherwise noted, these photos were passed down to us by Nell Adair Aurand.


Adair siblings, left to right:
Charles, Myrtle, Dora, Viola, Florence, Andrew, Nell, Ed, Elva, Arthur, Grace, Lola.
Unknown year.
Charles Adair on the left, Sarah & James Adair in the front. Not sure of the rest.
James Madison Adair circa 1917; James is 69 years old.
James & Sarah Adair
James & Sarah Adair, Sept. 1, 1931
James Adair, unknown female. 1933. Forwarded to me by Alice Adair’s great-granddaughter, Melanie (Collins) Pennock,
who got it from Alice Adair’s great-granddaughter-in-law, Heidi Willoughby. Apparently taken from a print of a home movie!
I will find out if the home movie still exists.
Sarah Adair, Sept 20, 1936.
1911 Barr Reunion. Photo provided by Susan Rogers, great-great-great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Barr (sister of
Hamilton Barr/daughter of John Barr.) Susan scanned it in 7 sections due to the size, and I stitched it back together,
so some of faces might not align perfectly.
1911 Barr Reunion scan #1
1911 Barr Reunion scan #2. James Adair is sitting near the front, holding a newspaper.
1911 Barr Reunion scan #3
1911 Barr Reunion scan #4
1911 Barr Reunion scan #5
1911 Barr Reunion scan #6. Nell Adair Aurand is sitting in the front, holding twins Isabel and Robert.
Charles Adair is just to the right of her.
1911 Barr Reunion scan #7
Nell Adair, age 16.
Back row: twins Isabel & Robert Aurand
Middle row: Paul, Margaret & Bruce Aurand
Front row: Lora Aurand & Nell Adair Aurand
Back row: Isabel Aurand, Bruce Aurand, Paul Aurand, Robert Aurand
Front row: Lora Aurand, Margaret Aurand Eversoll, Nell Adair Aurand
Grace Adair Upton and Nell Adair Aurand
Bruce Aurand, Paul Aurand, Margaret Eversoll, Isabel Bemis, Robert Aurand
Nell Adair Aurand
June 25, 1967
Nell Adair Aurand & Effie Aurand Vaughn (Nell’s sister-in-law.) Oct. 28, 1967
Painting by Grace Adair Upton, given to Nell.
Card painted by Grace Adair Upton and given to Nell Aurand.

2 Responses to “Adair/Barr/Aurand Photos”

  1. 1
    mary wight Says:

    I was so excited to see these pictures. My grandfather was Charles Adair. The boy he is holding I believe is my brother Eddy. The picture of all the siblings was taken in 1942. I have grandpas diary and he talks about that reunion. He died just before I was born. I have the large picture of the Barr reunion and my mother is sitting in the front by the buggy. Her mother is behind he and her brothers on her right.I don’t believe my grandfather could make it. Were you at the 1980 reunion at Jerry Adairs? I have some family group shots that I don’t know who they are.One group is a little girl about 4 or 5 standing in front of a lady(mother?)with dark hair and beside her is an older lady with salt and pepper hair and glassed and beside her is a lady with short blond hair and next to her is a tall man with glasses. A couple of them look like people in your pictures. I also have one of Aunt Graces paintings and a niece has another one. I enjoy genealogy and was so glad to see the pictures you have. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. 2
    Lynne Says:


    Thanks for the information about the photo! Yes, we were at the 1980 reunion. I’ll post a picture of us; I was 12 that summer. I see you used to be on Are you still on there?


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