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19 Jan

Mickley Laundromat


The folk’s washer decided to quit working Friday. Saturday we went to Sears and Dad bought a new one. It’s apparent that soon only front-loading washers will be available; there wasn’t much selection in top-loading machines. Anyway, the one he bought wasn’t in stock and so won’t be delivered till the 31st. Luckily the Mickley Laundromat is only a short walk down the street, though it now takes twice as long to wash clothes, since our washer is small, and since I have to remember to actually go over there and switch loads.

So today I walk over there and to my surprise discover poor Posey stuck between the door and the screen door. She’d been stuck there 18 hours! I then remembered when I’d shut the door the night before, I’d encountered a bit of resistance, but attributed it to my sweater having gotten caught in it. I’ll be sure doublecheck from now on! 

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