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15 Jan

Great Room Project: Finishing Touches

  March 2007 Remember the reason I agreed to let Monte demo the Great Room? So I could replace the old ceiling fan–located in the center of the room–with a ceiling fan over the living area, and a chandelier over the dining area. Well, the electrician was finally able to come finish his work, which […]

15 Jan

Great Room Project: Ready For Company?

  November 17, 2006 We pulled up the old carpeting and carpet pad.         When we pulled up the padding, the carpet staples stayed. Here’s Monte pulling one out. In addition, the edges of the room had carpet tack strips. We spent all of the 18th pulling those out. The morning and […]

15 Jan

Great Room Project: We Have Walls Again!

  November 8, 2006 The drywallers did in a day what would’ve taken Monte and me weeks to do. I’m so glad we hired out! Leanne was in town for a court hearing, and stopped by when the drywallers were taking an extended break after putting up the ceiling. She chastised them, and they were […]

15 Jan

Kitchen Project: While We’re At It…

  October 28, 2006 Now that we had a colorful back door, the rest of the kitchen seemed uglier, darker, and more depressing than ever. I had just finished the closets and was ready for a break, but Monte couldn’t stand the ugliness anymore and decided to dive in to a new Project. The kitchen […]

15 Jan

Closets Project: The Results

  The ugly master closet went from this…         …to this! I knew exactly what I wanted for the closet long before doing the work. In fact, I’d bought the shelving unit 10 months prior to the actual renovation! The box was too heavy for me to move, so it stayed in […]

15 Jan

Closets Project: Painting and Sanding

  Since this was mainly my Project, I had to learn to overcome my fear of heights (er, falling) and climb the ladder to reach the 9′ ceilings. I managed to do it only because there was always a wall nearby to “hang on to” if I felt scared.           Primer […]

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