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24 Jan

Space Invaders?

24 Jan

Here, Kitty Kitty…

19 Jan

Mickley Laundromat

    The folk’s washer decided to quit working Friday. Saturday we went to Sears and Dad bought a new one. It’s apparent that soon only front-loading washers will be available; there wasn’t much selection in top-loading machines. Anyway, the one he bought wasn’t in stock and so won’t be delivered till the 31st. Luckily […]

16 Jan

Our Revolving Door of Cats

  We got Yoda from our neighbors in July of 2001.         He was a smart cat, who learned from observation that doorknobs open doors. He couldn’t figure out how to turn them with his paws, but he sure tried.         Monte had had dogs as a kid, but […]

15 Jan

Closets Project: Master Bedroom Closet

October 2006 One thing bothered me about our Great Room Project: the closet hallway. This also corresponded with what bothered me about our previous Master Bedroom Project: the master closet. That is, we hadn’t included either in our refurbishing plans. My disturbance in this matter finally reached a boiling point. And so, the very day […]

15 Jan

Great Room Project: Ceiling Joists

  July thru September 2006 Monte put up insulation on the walls, and then started on the ceiling joist project.           First we had to buy the new 16′ joists–and cart them home. Since we didn’t have a trailer, Monte strapped them to the top of the truck.       […]

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