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Seasons For Success

"To everything there is a season..."

This New Year has started with an unexpected change for Seasons For Success. Details below.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year! Following are a couple of great recipes to get you started...

Lynne Aurand Mickley

Watkins Associate #044375

New Year, New Website (sigh)

Imagine you own a business. Now imagine you get up one ordinary morning and go to work only to discover--to your horror--that all your furnishings have vanished and someone else owns your building. All your mail is now delivered to the new owner; it will not be forwarded to you--in fact, it no longer even belongs to you. All your previous and future visitors are directed to a listing of businesses they could visit to find what they were searching for--but none of those businesses includes yours.


Impossible? In the bricks and mortar world, perhaps. But alas, not in cyberspace. The above is exactly what happened to me. I woke up a couple weeks ago to discover I no longer own name I have had for over 5 years! I have always been notified when it's time to renew my domain registration. Always. But not this time. And so the registration expired, and a cybersquatter snatched up the name. My website disappeared and in its place is the online equivalent of the yellow pages.


"Destroyers and usurpers! Curse them!!" -Treebeard in The Two Towers.


But, life goes on. I have taken up residence at Thankfully my website is contained on my computer's hard drive, so I can easily upload it to the site. It'll take a bit of time to tweak all the links, though. And, my online catalog was totally unaffected, since it is provided through Watkins Inc.


And the best thing of all is, I still have you, my eNewsletter subscribers! I have learned a hard lesson; you can be sure I won't let my domain name expire ever again!!


Update: I have my domain name back, rebuilt my website, and it's better than ever!

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Orange and Spinach Pasta Salad

  • ½ cup orange juice

  • 2 tbl Watkins Garlic & Parsley Grapeseed Oil

  • 2 tsp Watkins Italian Salad Dressing Blend

  • Watkins Sea Salt, freshly ground, to taste

  • 2 cups uncooked bow tie pasta (farfalle)

  • 3 cups torn fresh spinach leaves (or use other spring lettuce leaves)

  • 2 medium seedless oranges, peeled and sectioned

  • ¼ cup thinly-sliced red onion


    Combine first four ingredients; mix well, then set aside. Cook pasta according to package directions; drain and rinse with cold water, drain again. Place in large bowl; add 1 to 2 tbl of the dressing; toss to coat. Refrigerate pasta and remaining dressing until chilled.


    To serve, add spinach, oranges, and onions to chilled pasta; toss with remaining dressing.


    Makes 6 servings.

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    Herbed Focaccia Bread

    Herbed Focaccia Bread using Watkins White Deep-Dish Pizza Crust Mix

  • 1 pkg Watkins White Deep-Dish Pizza Crust Mix

  • 1 tbl Watkins Mediterranean Black Pepper Grilling Rub

  • 1 cup warm water (110°F)

  • 2 tsp Watkins Garlic Liquid Spice

  • 3 tbl Watkins Garlic & Parsley Grapeseed Oil

  • Watkins Sea Salt, to taste


    Reserve 2 tbl of the mix for dusting; place the rest in a medium bowl. Add herb rub, water and liquid spice. Mix with a fork until a soft dough forms. Using the reserved crust mix for dusting, knead the dough until smooth (5 minutes). Lightly oil a medium bowl with part of the grapeseed oil. Place dough inside bowl and cover with plastic wrap, set in a warm place and let rise until doubled in bulk; about 1 hour, 15 minutes.


    Preheat oven to 375°F. Place 1 tsp of the grapeseed oil in the center of a baking sheet and oil a 10-inch round area. Pat the dough out in a 10-inch circle in the pan. Cover with a damp towel and proof 45 minutes. Make several dimples in the focaccia with your fingertips, drizzle the remaining grapeseed oil over the focaccia and sprinkle with sea salt.


    Bake for 30 minutes on the center rack of the oven, turning the pan around halfway through. Serve with Watkins Garlic & Parsley Grapeseed Oil for dipping.

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